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außergewöhnliche Bilder ... extraordinary pictures

189,00 €Ferrari F40
...the 90ies dreamcar
349,00 €three colors
Alfa GTA, Corvette Stingray, Porsche 911 - three fascinating cars of their time
199,00 €BMW M Power
power for street and racetrack over decades
189,00 €Stirling Moss Tribute
my trubute to a legend...
189,00 €Ferrari Testarossa
the red icon from the 80ties
189,00 €Silberpfeil history
the legend with the constructor and the driver
189,00 €Porsche 917
the lengendary Le mans winner
189,00 €Mustang 350
the legend translated into today
199,00 €Museo Enzo Ferrari
the museo Enzo Ferrari in Modena, condensed in a picture
189,00 €Lamborghini Miura
the legend Lamborghini
189,00 €Max Moritz Porsche
pure race - the Max Moritz Porsche
189,00 €Mercedes 300SL
ready to take off - the gullwing
189,00 €Ferrari scuderia due
three generation of passion and victory will
199,00 €Ferrari scuderia uno
two generation of passion and victory will
189,00 €BMW M1
BMW M1 - an iconic car from the 70ties
189,00 €James Bond Aston Martin
James Bond and Aston Martin, an absolutely perfect combination
199,00 €Corvette on the moon
70ties, the time of the moonlandings
189,00 €BMW 3.0 CSL
3.0CSL - They called it Batmobile
189,00 €Ferrari Enzo
the ultimate hommage to the great Enzo Ferrari
199,00 €Rock´n Roll Cadillac
Elvis and his Eldorado
189,00 €Ford GT40
legendary power with legendary design
189,00 €Citroen DS23
la déesse - the goddess
189,00 €Niki Lauda
let the legend live forever
189,00 €BMW Artcar Stella
BMW Artcar by Frank Stella
199,00 €BMW Artcar Calder
BMW Artcar by Alexander Calder
189,00 €Mercerdes 280 SL
Mercedes SL - the pagoda